Self-service hours

Opening hours at the main library as well as the Haukivuori, Hirvensalmi, Puumala, Ristiina and Suomenniemi libraries have been extended by introducing self-service hours.

Self-service hours at the main library include

  • winter Sundays
  • summer Saturdays
  • working-day mornings from 9am to 10am.

During self-service hours, customers can borrow and return materials on the checkout/check-in machine, retrieve reserved materials, read magazines and use customer workstations

Services not available:

  • information service
  • information retrieval/search
  • printing
  • fee collection
  • retrieval, ordering or renewal of interlibrary loans
  • photocopying
  • console games

You can get help and guidance on how to use the checkout/check-in machine and the online library.

Self-service hours at Suomenniemi, Haukivuori, Hirvensalmi, Puumala and Ristiina libraries Beside normal opening hours, the library has self-service hours with no staff present. Customers aged 15 years and older can use the library independently.

Self-service hours

every day from 9am to 20pm. When staff is present, self-service hours comprise the time beyond service hours. For example, if service hours are from 10am to 16pm, self-service hours will be from 9am to 10am and from 16pm to 20pm.

If you wish to become a self-service library user, you must visit one of the Mikkeli regional libraries during service hours to get your self-service library user privileges. During self-service hours, you can get in the library with your library card and a 4-digit PIN code. The PIN code is the same as your online library password. Children under 15 years of age can get user privileges with the guardian’s consent. Forms can be obtained at our library. When using the self-service library, one should behave in an orderly manner and make sure that the door locks when entering and exiting. The library has a recording camera surveillance system. Read more in each library’s user regulations.