Reservation form for exhibitions in the Mikkeli-Sali

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Planned dates of the exhibition, for example 1.1.2019-14.1.2019
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(subject, contents, materials, date of setting up and dismantling of the exhibition, etc.):
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I wish the library will inform of this event
The reserver must agree with the library, will the library inform of the event at it’s website and Facebook page. The reserver informs the media. Please deliver possible posters and brochures at least a week before the event to the library.
The library is not held responsible of the exhibition material. If the organizer of the exhibition does not follow the user regulations of Mikkeli-Sali, the permit for the exhibition can be revoked and the exhibition dismantled. We will check if the date you requested is available and will either confirm the date or suggest a new one. If you’d like to print yourself the filled form, print it before you use the send -command.