Library staff

Staff’s telephone numbers (write the name in the search field)

Acting Head of Library Services Pia Kontio, projects, branch libraries, AKE-contact person 
tel. 044 794 2460

Libary Services Manager Markku Kesti, customer service, main library 
tel. 044 688 6951

Library Services Manager Katja Valjakka, collections, network and system services (KOHA)
tel. 040 688 6951

KOHA and Finna superuser Hanna Ikonen
tel. 040 663 2350

Kimmo Kauppo
tel. 044 794 2482

Booking Main Library’s facilities (Mikkeli-sali, conference room)
Service Clerk Mervi Kankkunen
tel. 050 311 7482
Staff’s emails are in form:

Albrecht, Ari, Library Assistant, Main Library
Erola, Päivi-Kristiina, Librarian, Suomenniemi Library, Main Library
Heikkilä, Jaana, Librarian, Anttola and Main Library
Hokkanen, Sari, Librarian, Main Library and Ristiina Library
Hytönen, Mika, Janitor, Main Library, email with -ending

Kallinen, Jarmo, Library Assistant, Main Library
Kankkunen, Mervi, Service Clerk, Main Library
Kauppo, Kimmo, Corresponding Janitor, Main Library, email with -ending
Koistinen, Mika P., Library Assistant, Main Library
Korjus, Piia, Service Clerk, Main Library
Kosonen, Anne, Library Assistant, Main Library

Lahikainen, Jaana, Secretary Service, Haukivuori Shared Service Point
Lindén, Karoliina, Librarian, Puumala Library
Luhtavaara-Paalanen, Kirsi, Library Assistant, Main Library
Marttinen, Riia, Librarian, Main Library
Nevalainen, Eija, Information Specialist, Main Library

Paasonen, Tuija, Library Assistant, Main Library
Parkkinen Eija, Service Clerk, Anttola Shared Service Point
Pietikäinen, Jouni, Library Assistant, Main Library
Putkonen, Jarkko, Library Assistant, Main Library
Röppänen, Päivi, Librarian, Main Library

Soila, Pekka, Library Assistant, Main Library
Suovalkama, Petri, Librarian, Main Library
Tikkanen, Aulikki, Librarian, Main Library
Tähtinen, Noora, Librarian, Ristiina Library
Vahvaselkä, Paula, Secretary Service, Haukivuori Shared Service Point
Volanen, Tenho, Library Assistant, Pertunmaa Library