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Interlibrary loan service for private persons

Interlibrary loan request form

What can you order as an interlibrary loan?

You can request for an interlibrary loan for a fee, if your materials are not available in the collections of Mikkeli Regional Library at all. Check the availability of the material before submitting an order (from the materials search in the Lumme online library).

You can reserve materials yourself directly in the online library from other Lumme libraries; this kind of regional loan is free of charge. Unretrieved reservations are subject to fees. Regional loans are shown among your own loans in the online library; interlibrary loans are not.

Interlibrary loans can include books, notes, microfilms, audio recordings, DVDs, and photocopies of journal articles, for example.

Who can order an interlibrary loan?

To be able to order interlibrary loans, your data must be found in the customer register of Lumme libraries and you must have valid borrowing privileges.

How do I submit an interlibrary loan request?

You can submit an interlibrary loan request by visiting the library in person or directly online using this form.
We do not accept orders by phone. An interlibrary loan request is binding.

What does an interlibrary loan cost?

– from regional development responsibility libraries, the National Repository Library and the Library of Parliament EUR 4.00
– from some of the public libraries, scientific libraries and special libraries approximately EUR 14 to 20

Article copies: interlibrary loan fee of EUR 4.00 + photocopy fees

The price of an interlibrary loan comprises the interlibrary loan fee of Mikkeli Regional Library, EUR 4.00, and possible fees collected by the sending organisation.

Upon ordering, the customer consents to paying all charges of the interlibrary loan. The fee is collected upon retrieval of the loan. Unretrieved interlibrary loans are also subject to charges due to incurred costs; the same applies if the customer cancels the order but the loan has already left the sending library.

Additional information by phone +358 50 311 7481 from the information service of the main library or by e-mail kirjasto(at)

How fast will the interlibrary loan arrive?

Interlibrary loan materials usually arrive within a week. If the material has been reserved, it may take even months before it arrives.

Where can you retrieve, renew or return interlibrary loans?

Interlibrary loans take place between libraries; therefore, interlibrary loans are always retrieved, returned and renewed via the library.

The loan is returned to the same library you retrieved it from.

Interlibrary loans are subject to loan periods and other terms of the sending library (for example, a loan can only be used in the reading room).

If you need an extension to the loan period, you can inquire about it at your library before the due date. OBS! Interlibrary loans do not appear among your own loans in the Lumme online library and are not automatically renewed when you renew your other loans.

Contact details:

Information service, main library

Mikkeli Regional Library
POB 96, (Raatihuoneenkatu 6)
Tel. +358 50 311 7481

Interlibrary loan service for other libraries

We send interlibrary loans to other libraries of such materials that are not available in their own collections. We do not send out interlibrary loans of our reference collection materials, some of the home district collection materials, or old fragile materials.

Libraries can make reservations of currently borrowed materials and shelf reservations of currently present materials directly to the materials register; this does not include periodicals. Choose Interlibrary loan service /Mikkeli as place of retrieval. If you need an interlibrary loan from other Lumme libraries, for example Mäntyharju library materials, please contact Mäntyharju library.
You can also place an order for an interlibrary loan by e-mail.

From 1 January 2018, the fee for interlibrary loans is EUR 10.

Interlibrary loan requests and interlibrary loan renewals can be made directly in the online library or by e-mail: kaukopalvelu(at) Libraries can ask for the necessary customer login and password by e-mail or by phone, tel. +358 50 3117481

Contact details:

Mikkeli Regional Library
POB 96
Tel. p. +358 50 3117481