Computers, other equipment and connections


All our libraries have workstations for customers.

At the main library, children under 16 years of age can use the workstations in the children’s department on the 1st floor and the music department on the 2nd floor. The main library has 14 customer workstations.

In addition, the music-youth department has a scanner for customers.

Its use is free of charge, except for printout fees. You can save files on a memory stick if needed. You can buy memory sticks at the library. You cannot install your own software on the workstations. The workstations are protected.


Workstations cannot be reserved.


All our libraries have a wireless local area network (WLAN). You can get the login details at the customer service desk. The library is not responsible for any problems caused by using the wireless network. You cannot send files to the printer via the wireless network.


At the main library, you can convert music or speech on VHS videotapes, LP records and cassette tapes to digital form and scan photos, photo slides and negatives. If you can use a computer, you can digitise.

Reservations for digitising, and guidance thereof tel. +358 40 129 4232.


At the main library, there is a scanner for customers in the music-youth department and at the digitising station. You need your own memory stick for saving files. You need a memory stick even for sending scanned files by e-mail because the scanner computer does not allow saving files on its hard drive.


There is a possibility to take photocopies in all libraries. The main library photocopier at 1st floor allows both black-and-white and colour copies. Photocopier is a self-service. A4 or A3 size copies are EUR 0.30 per page, colour copies are EUR 1 per page. Two-sided copies: black-and-white EUR 0.60, coloured EUR 2.