Mikkeli Regional Library

Welcome to library!

Anyone can come to a library. You can read newspapers and magazines, use computers, borrow books and other library materials, take part in events or you can just spend time in a library. Library use does not cost anything because libraries are owned by municipalities. You can ask all kinds of questions and also help from the library staff.

Library also have free wireless web, esnetti. You can use internet in the library with your own smartphone or computer / laptop. Ask for wlan password from library staff at the Service Desk.

You can borrow library materials with your library card

You can borrow books, magazines, music, language courses, children’s books and movies to take home with you. You need your own library card to borrow library items.

You can get your own library card by showing an ID card and by giving your address in Finland. You also have to sign an agreement that you will follow library rules. User regulations, fees and charges. Library rules tell you how long you can keep borrowed materials. If you do not return library materials in time, you have to pay an overdue charge/ fee. Checking your loans receipt will ensure your books have been correctly checked out. The receipt also shows when each item is due back. If you experience any issues, staff at the Service Desk will be happy to help. Your library card belongs only to you and you must not let anyone else to use it. If you lose your library card you should inform the library straight away so that no one can misuse it.

Books in your own language

If your nearest library does not have books in your own language, library staff can order these from other libraries. Library staff will try to get you the materials you want, the only thing you have to do is ask.

You can ask what services library can offer for you. Library staff will show you how to find, for example, language courses and what kind of free / leisure time activities they offer.

You can find information on library services and Finnish society in general in many languages here: www.infopankki.fi

Additional information will be updated in upcoming weeks!